Get to know the beautiful and unusual story of two Chinese citizens in love with Peru.

The Plaza Mayor of Cusco is the scene of the most important events in the city and a must-see, for example, for couples who are seeking to immortalize their marriage in one of the most beautiful places of the ancient Inca capital.

It is so that dozens of fiancés are seen every day recording their photos in a video and video, however a couple in particular caught the attention of locals and tourists, it was Allison and Jack, two Chinese citizens who traveled from their country exclusively to marry in the Imperial City.

That is how they agreed to tell their story and make known how two people had traveled half the world to get married in Cusco, far from their family and friends.


The boyfriend is called Jack Junxia Chen and the girlfriend Allison Jiachou Chi and both have very cheerful people who met three years ago and by chance came to his hands a magazine with images of Cusco, both were struck by the images of the ancient Peruvian city and its similarity to the old Chinese city from which they came.

“Since we got engaged we both knew that Cusco was the ideal place to strengthen our votes, we did not even have to agree, rather we immediately worked hard to buy the tickets and pay for the stay, we knew it was going to be complicated, but we achieved, “the boyfriend quoted.

Allison, on the other hand, narrates that while it is true they are far from the people they love, being in Cusco in the midst of their ancient and imposing scenarios compensates for everything that they have gone through to reach this city and fulfill their dream of portraying themselves in full Plaza Mayor of Cusco.


Los novios también contaron que, desde que pisaron tierra cusqueña todo les ha ido de maravilla y que les sorprendió la amabilidad de las personas y lo cariñosas que son, citando que las cosas son un tanto distintas en su natal China.

“As soon as we left the hotel people began to greet us, a lady even stopped and took us by the hand wishing us the best of luck, that does not happen very often in other parts, here it seems that everyone was familiar and that all they are happy to see people getting married, it’s very beautiful and very intense, “said Allison.

To finish, and before continuing with their photographic tour, the couple greeted all the Peruvians and their Chinese compatriots in the country, citing that although some customs are different, they are brother towns, with a lot of history behind and much heritage What to leave in the future


-The couple are natives of the city of Hangzhou in China, characterized by its old buildings and rural areas of grazing and rice cultivation.

To reach Peru, the couple had to travel more than 20 hours, crossing more than 17 thousand kilometers, which separate our country with China.

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