The city of Cusco is one of the main attractions of the southern region of Peru. On the other hand, besides presenting great archeological and historical centers, it presents beautiful natural landscapes and geological formations of great beauty such as the colorful mountain of palccoyo.

Cusco is the main tourist city of Peru. characterized by the Incas and colonial remains, kindness of its inhabitants and the culture that in many places are still preserved from Inca times (communities).

Among all the wonders offered in the city of Cusco is the colorful mountain of Palccoyo. which many often confuse with Vinicunca (rainbow mountain), but this mountain is less known than the previous one.

The mountain of colors of Palccoyo receives annually some visits of foreigners and people of Peruvian nationality, who come to know each incidence of this place.

Exact Location of the Colorful Mountain of Palccoyo

It is located specifically in the region of the South of Cusco, in addition in general it is usually visited together with the snowy one of Ausangate (Ausangate tour) by its little distance.
For a better location the mountain of Palccoyo is at a distance of approximately 100 kilometers from the city of Cuzco.


The route to reach this beautiful mountain is focused on several stops for greater comfort of the tourist according to its geographical location. The stops are:

  • Departing from the town of Cuzco; this journey consists of taking a private service bus or tourist agency, from the city to the town of Checacupe. (Duration: 2 hours).
  • Checacupe: after arriving to this town the next stop is taken until the town of Palccoyo. (Duration: 30 minutes).
  • The next stop is the expected hike that goes from the town of Palccoyo to the mountain of the seven colors of this region. (Duration: 1 Hour).

This route is very feasible for the comfort it has for tourists.
The city of Cuzco has preserved its best Incan traditions so the people who live there are very friendly and treat every tourist who comes to the area with excellent eagerness to explore.

Walk To Palccoyo Colors Mountain

The most ideal thing about these walks is to get a budget in advance with the different tourist agencies, own or foreign to the region, and thus choose the one that best suits each budget.

After having evaluated the alternatives of travel by bus or private car and having arrived at the town of Palccoyo, some additional measures should be taken to make this beautiful walk with total success.


  • Every tourist who is in an unknown region must adjust to his guide to avoid that this can be lost.
  • If an agency is hired to visit this place this should include the hydration and food that the tourist needs, if not ideal is that the visitor bring the necessary water, as well as enough food for this trip.
  • The climate as the whole city of Cusco is cold, so the tourist should have what is necessary to shelter during the walk.
  • Although this is a gentle walk is necessary to have comfortable shoes that fit the region.
  • Another very important factor is to have a hat or any other object to protect the head from the cold and avoid headaches during the tour.

Ideal Times To Visit The Mountain Of Colors Of Palccoyo

Any season is ideal for a visit to Cuzco, thanks to the excellent climate of the region and the attention of its people is the best attraction of this city.
Of course, it is ideal for every tourist to study the climate of the region at different times of the year, for a better choice of when to travel.
In general terms the best time of the year to visit this mountain is in the dry season which begins in April and ends in October.


The entire Andes Mountains have a pleasant and cool climate, which makes the city of Cusco one of the favorite places for millions of foreigners to vacation. The same happens with the colorful mountain of Palccoyo, which has 2 climates typical of its region.

  • During the March season the temperature behaves with low temperatures and many times it can be appreciated with snow and hail. This usually happens during the rainy season.
  • Meanwhile in the dry season that is generally from April the mountain has a delicious cool temperature but the sun is present allowing tourists to visit this place with more tranquility until November.

There are many emotions that can be lived if you make an adventure to the colorful mountain of Palccoyo. It is an experience that can not be missed and the best thing is that foreigners pay less than 50 dollars for the tours that are offered.

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