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For many centuries people of the rural areas of the Peru have maintained several ancestral elements. One of that areas that have experienced few changes are the Andean communities that are located in the mountain ranges of Ausangate. The trip that we offer will allow experiences that will never be forgotten for it will allow to get a view into the depth of the Peruvian soul and to see the people in their natural inhabitance.

Day 01: Cusco – Ocongate – Tinqui

We left Cusco in a private bus to Urcos town, and drive along the Cusco – Puerto Maldonado route, then passed Ocongate town until we arrive to Tinqui (3 800 m.a.s.l./12 467ft), where we sleep in a local lodge.

Day 02: Tinqui – Upis

This day we will begin our walk, passing by Quinsapucyu, Huarmisaya until we arrive to Upis which offer fantastic views of Ausangate.

Day 03: Upis – Pukacocha

We go toward the pass of Arapa, at approximately 4 958 m.a.s.l/16 266ft, and then we camp near the lagoon of Pukacocha.

Day 04: Pukacocha – Jampa

We will visit a group of small lakes, from then we will direct us to the highest pass of our trekking, the pass of Palomani at meter above sea level, and at dusk we will arrive to Jampa.

Day 05: Jampa – Komerqocha – Pachaspata

We will go toward the valley of Jampa, surrounding it for the northwest until we arrive to the Ticllacocha lagoon. Then we will cross the last pass located at 4 650 m.a.s.l./15 250ft. Passing it we will arrive to the pampas of Pachaspata, where we will camp in the banks of the Qomercocha Lake.

Day 06: Pachaspata – Pachanta

We will descend to the valley until arrive to Pachanta town. In Pachanta, we will take a rest and take a bath in the thermal waters of the place.

Day 07: Pachanta – Tinqui – Cusco

Then of a brief walk, we will arrive to the highway, where a vehicle will be waiting for us in order to drive us to Cusco, arriving at dusk


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