A burial chamber with several members of Wari royalty.

Tomb of Peru
The hand of an Andean nobleman, in perfect condition, is still clinging to a piece of mortuary cloth.

In the middle of a labyrinth of cameras, the archeologist Roberto Pimentel Nita (squatting on the left) examines a find. The climate of El Castillo is so extremely arid, that even fragile threads can be preserved in the earth for centuries.

With hair still intact, the skull of a wari elite woman provides new clues about the life of El Castillo’s ruling class. Before burying her, her servants painted her face with red pigment, still visible on the socket of one eye.

On a staircase recently brought to light, the archeologist Giersz reflects on the surprising architectural plan of El Castillo. The place looks like a pyramid, but its builders began the works on the very top of a natural rock formation, and gradually descended.

A cross-legged male guardian watched the treasures of the tomb for more than a thousand years. Beside him was a glass of libations and a cup.

Fuentes: http://www.nationalgeographic.com.es/historia/grandes-reportajes/intacta_8194/13

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