The dearest or most beloved neighbor, an official and even an authority can be
White jokes in a colorful traditional celebration that precedes the Carnivals.


Every year, a Thursday before the Carnivals,  the traditional festival of ‘Comadres’ is celebrated,

A custom that has come since the time of the Colony and has lasted quite vigorously in places like Cusco.

Therefore, in the Imperial City, thousands of residents wait for this date to

enjoy the ingenuity in the production of carnival dolls , or the famous ‘Comadres’ who are jocular

representations of the most jumping female characters of a neighborhood, work or institution.

These dolls are manufactured well in advance and exaggerate the defects or characteristics of the

people they represent  , showing them extravagant and hilarious, being placed in publications or

Corners from the first hours, before beginning the celebration.

The main course in Cusqueños el Puchero or T’impu carnivals,  which is a stew of meats and

legumes, which are always accompanied by a glass of chicha de jora or strawberry, made with

The best strawberries of the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

This gives way to a real party full of music, comparsas, food and typical drink, which is usually

provided by the ‘carguyoc’ or butler,  who strives to present an elaborate and well done

allegory, to preserve tradition and make it stronger every time.

Over the years, this custom has been lost, however, different local associations

neighborhoods  and even public and private institutions have chosen to revalue the tradition by

imposing the ‘Compadres’ party as a celebration of the indispensable order.

Due to the growing presence of foreigners in the city of Cusco, it is not uncommon to find

Tourists participating in this celebration,  dancing to the rhythm of the carnivals of Cusco,

Dressed with streamers and pica pica paper. Others don’t go that far and just admire and record

These parties , always in a party atmosphere and harmony.


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