About 50 kilometers from Cusco, in the pampas of Anta, there is a unique archaeological site where ceremonies of adoration to the Moon were made.

For the Incas, who represented it as a disk and sometimes as a semicircle of silver, Mama Quilla is sister and woman of the Sun, deity of the Pachamama, responsible in some way for the crops and life that comes from the earth . The people of the Historical Sanctuary: Batán Grande, says that we must take the green moon very seriously. This is what it is called when it is in a crescent and with its tips blurred. So there is no need to plant because the seeds and fruits will last very little in time and can not be saved.

Andeneria serca
a Quillarumiyoc


About 50 kilometers before reaching Cusco, in the South Interoceanic, you enter the pampas of Anta, the great granary of the Navel of the World, where Zurite is the longest andenería of Peru, and the access to the Sacred Valley through Huarocondo and the Huaypo lagoon. This rich agricultural valley is limited by two mountain ranges, one borders the Apurimac river, and the other, at the height of the town of Ancahuasi, which houses one of the only temples dedicated to femininity that exist in Peru: Quillarumiyoc.

laguna de Huaypo

laguna de Huaypo.

Its name comes from several Quechua words whose meaning comes to be: the place of the rock of the Moon. In the upper part of Ancahuasi, about 2 kilometers along a good track of the main road, is this huge archaeological center formed by terraces, water channels, platforms, cultivation areas, as well as a small cave in which there are petroglyphs. In the middle of all this is a huge rock that, in its most hidden part, has a unique rock engraving in the Andes: a semicircular carving, in the form of a throne, dedicated to Quilla, the goddess Luna.

Quillarumiyoc is a little-known archaeological site. All lovers of mystical experiences come to him to make payments to the earth and offerings to the moon. This site offers impressive views of the pampas of Anta, surrounded by colorful flowers and queñua trees and ccolles. But above all it gives us the opportunity to reach a place full of symbolism, which is born of the adoration of the Moon that accompanies us since the Earth was formed.

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