Pachamama, who was associated with fertility and with the earth, was considered a divinity of the “chthonic” type. Because of this, he lived in the interior of the earth and on the mountain tops and was often represented with the form Of a girl.

Its main functions were related to the production of food and that is why the ceremonies in which it was offered worship were always linked to the planting, the care of this and the harvest.

Their offerings were basically made of tallow, chicha, coca and “mullu” and were also directed to beg for protection of crops. Of all of them, the most important was the chicha, a drink in a ritual toast that was called “tika”, because it was established that it should be offered to the Pachamama before planting, offering to drink it by sprinkling it on the ground .

In the same way, everyone who drank chicha must offer the goddess the first glass to prevent Pachamama from getting angry and punishing him. It was believed, moreover, that she was responsible for magical diseases such as “huari”, “chapla” and “chocho”, all products of resentment.

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