Great Sovereign, he was the father of the Inca greatness, the bravest warrior, wise and republican of all the Incas; with its measures it gave geographical and idiomatic unity to the empire, initiating the uniformity that turned the kingdom of Cuzco into the empire of Tawantinsuyu (that of the four suyus or regions). So, dear readers, we are facing a colossus of our history, whose resume is ignored by many Peruvians.

Pachacutec was the ninth ruler of the Inca period between 1428 and 1471, the fourth ruler of the Hanan Cuzco dynasty.

His name was initially, Cusi Yupanqui (happy prince). From a very young age he showed aptitudes for the government and the conquests, nevertheless he was relegated unjustly for the benefit of his brother a prince without merits Inca Urco, favorite son of Huiracocha

Inca-Chancas War

his youth was spent in a very disastrous time. The Chancas had begun with the invasion of Cuzco positions, reaching its peak, His father, along with Urco had left to face the Chancas; but they were forced to retreat and fled shamefully, which increased the anxiety in the city.

Although he had not been designated as successor by his father Huiracocha Inca, he led a military defense to the warlike Chanca army and emerged victorious.

the young prince ran then in search of his father to offer him the spoils and insignia of the defeated, but his father Huriacocha insisted that it was his son Urco who collected the merits of the glorious battle. The people, and all the soldiers and officers who had fought along with Cusi Yupanqui refused to accept the order of Huiracocha because it was too much injustice and all plebiscited Cusi Yupanqui to be the future leader of the nation and not this spoiled young man and coward of Urco.

Yahuarpampa (Ground covered in blood)

Cusi Yupanqui He had to confront his brother, defeated him and killed him by spreading his limbs and forbidding Urco’s name from being more pronounced because he had behaved by failing to honor and using treason and traps that did not result because Cusi Yupanqui was informed of everything. what his half brother plotted.

The new Inca empire

Cusi Yupanqui then took the name “PACHACUTEC” and the victory over the Chancas allowed him to obtain absolute control of power, of the region and from this moment, he dedicated himself to form what would be a great empire and as a consequence of this stage of economic goodness, planned the monumental Cuzco, building the Coricancha, Poquencancha (historical museum) the Sancayhuasi (prison). Outside Cusco, ordered the construction of llaqtas (administrative centers), Ollantaytambo, Machu Picchu (today one of the Wonders of the World), Vilcashuamán, Huaytará, Tambo Colorado, the temple of the sun among other religious and political-administrative buildings

Implanted the system of mitimaes (translated peoples) and extended the Qhapaq Ñan (road network). Established the service of chasquis (messengers) and quipu camayoc (accountants). He also divided the empire into four of its own, with the center of the city of Cusco, the navel of the world. He also imposed the use of Quechua as the official language of Tahuantinsuyo.

PAT data:

Pachacutec died naturally in full apogee of the empire in 1471, that is, 60 years before Pizarro and his hosts stepped on Inca soil.

It was the ninth Inca and was the one who converted a small family caste into the largest empire that existed in the Western Hemisphere

Pachacútec yielded the handling of the military campaigns to his son Tupac Inca, meanwhile he was dedicated to inspect the construction of the monuments in execution, that now are historical relics of the Inca culture.

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