Chonta is between the mountains, which gives form to a fantastic canyon, this viewpoint is located in the ecological floor “puna” and from there you can see a wonderful landscape with forests, lakes, rivers and the flight of the condors, which is The main attraction.

Chonta, currently known as the “Sanctuary of the Condors”, is a small town whose population is mainly engaged in agriculture and livestock, and is a recommended destination for nature lovers and birdwatchers.

The condor viewpoint located at more than 3400 meters above sea level, located in the Chonta community of Limatambo district in the province of Anta, is a new tourist destination in the Cusco region.

Vía láctea sobre Chonta.

The Milky Way over Chonta. Cusco, Peru Taken in Chonta, a very small town 60 miles from the city of Cusco. There you can see the Milky Way at a glance! This place is simply awesome.


The most direct way to get there is to take the Cusco – Abancay track until kilometer 80 (Limatambo District). Afterwards, take the detour for the community of Chonta along a 18-kilometer-long carriageway to the mirador ticket office. Finally continue with a 3.5 km hike.

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