If you are in Cusco, do not miss the opportunity to cross with Wiracocha and ask him for a wish. This imposing deity, 11 meters high, is the one that welcomes us to Inkariy; museum where you will make a tour of the main pre-Columbian civilizations.

The museum is located in the Sacred Valley and has eight rooms, where iconic scenes of life have been recreated in Caral, Chavín, Moche, Paracas, Wari, Nazca and Inca.

The Inkariy museum is designed to show in one place the main pre-Hispanic cultures of Peru, where the development of the ancient Peruvian settlers is recreated.

The museum created with Inca characteristics dramatizes and symbolizes the cultures that developed in Peru. You can take a tour of the eight pavilions with introductory rooms, where the geographical and temporal location of each culture is shown. As well as the most important artistic manifestations of each of them. Another environment recreates scenes of each society, represented by figures that represent the native man with clothes and ornamentation typical of the time.

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