You must always bear in mind that most people who visit Machu Picchu do so only once in their lifetime. to fulfill a dream, learn more about the Inca culture, live new experiences, take family vacations or by recommendation of a friend. whatever the case, knowing the Machu Picchu climate is one of the most important information that must be taken into account before starting the adventure.
Visitors deserve to live a unique experience, which should not be ruined by a bad weather in Machu Picchu, which is why it is recommended to investigate about the place you will visit before making the air or land tickets section.
Machu Picchu, the Inca city is 2430 meters above sea level, between the Amazon jungle and the Andes, so the  Machu Picchu climate is a little strange. The choice of the day of travel apart from coinciding with your free time must also have the approval of the climate for those days, it is very important that you are aware of what you will get when you arrive.
If you are wondering, what is Machu Picchu’s climate like? here we will end your doubt. this city is in a subtropical zone, the strange geography that this city has makes it have an extremely exceptional climate, between cool and warm, some days are sunny and rainy, all this always depends on the time of year you are.
The climatic variations of Machu Picchu make it a majestic place to visit where you will get a great biodiversity with multiple ecosystems, depending on the route you choose to get you can enjoy this in all your senses or just see what this sanctuary of great stories can offer.
It is very complicated to guess which climate will predominate in a day of Machu Picchu you can only know if it will be dry or humid, but if there will be sun, wind, rain or clouds is uncertain, this is due to the difference in height that exists between this city and the city of Cusco, which is the part that comes closest to Amazon Rainforest.
The Amazonian climate combined with the influence of the Andes achieves a great distortion in the Machu Picchu Climate, this is always changing between cloudy skies, unstoppable winds and sunshine times, just as strongly predominates the Amazon side with rain and humidity, thanks to these enormous climate changes can enjoy a wide variety of flora and fauna in Machu Picchu.

It is said that it is winter or “rainy season” when the weather is rainy and this happens between the months of November to March, on the other hand, the summer season or “dry season” is between the months of April and October, but at the beginning and end of these months may surprise some rainy days.
The final choice of which season is the best to enter into an adventure in Machu Picchu is yours, choosing to go in the rainy season or dry season is part of everyone’s tastes, just be aware of what will be achieved upon arrival and be prepared with the implements necessary for each season of the year.
It is important to know that regardless of the time of year you choose to make the trip of your dreams to Machu Picchu you should wear waterproof clothing and an umbrella to anticipate any surprises of the different climate changes that exist in that city.
If you choose to visit this city between the months of November to March you should know that during this season you will find many rainy days because it is the rainiest time in this city, that season is summer and therefore you will find the highest temperatures of the year, however they will not be higher than 21 ° C.
As it is a rainy season is likely that some routes are disabled, this happens because the risk that runs a tourist is very large, to have much rain there is much swamp and slippery roads, which is why the routes are closed as the Inca Trail in the month of February when more flow through the trails.

On the other hand, it is said that this is the best time to visit the city because you will find the greenest landscapes and the most wonderful views, if you think about it the worst thing that can happen in season is to get wet and for that you take precautions with rain clothes.
If instead you want to visit the city between the months of May and October you should know that during this season you will find a dry climate most of the time, especially in the months of June to August, the highest temperature you can reach in the day is 19 ° C very different from nights that are cold with temperatures that can go down to below zero.
Although you prefer cold days instead of rainy days you should know that for this season there are also impositions when choosing a route to reach the city of Machu Picchu, if you choose to make any route walking must have much resistance to low temperatures.
When you know the advantages and disadvantages of traveling in the rainy season or dry season is up to you to choose which is best for your physical condition, you should also take into account that whatever the season should have sturdy shoes, waterproof clothing and umbrellas.

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