Inti Raymi 2024 Full Day

The Inti Raymi 2023 festival

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Inti Raymi 2024 Full Day
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Inti Raymi 2024 Full Day

The feast of Inti Raymi – Inca religious celebration, the Incas worshipped their God: “El Inti or Sun”. Formerly the Inti Raymi lasted about 15 days, sacrifices were made and dances were presented to worship the “Sun God”. The last Inti Raymi that took place with the presence of the Inca Emperor was in 1535.
Currently the Inti Raymi or festival of the sun is a ritual staging of the Incas to the Sun God, where thousands of Cusqueños and people from all over the world gather for this event that is one of the most important cultural and traditional manifestations in this part of the world.


ITINERARY  Inti Raymi (Festival of the Sun)

The tour starts at 7:00 am. with the pick up from the hotel, from there we go to the first place. The Inti Raymi festival consists of three scenes that take place in three different places.
Coricancha or Temple of the Sun. – Beginning of the Inti Raymi tour with the ceremony called “Salute to the Sun”. In this area the first rituals are performed. Duration approx. 1 hour.
Main Square of Cusco or Huaqaypata. – It is the second point of celebration of the Inti Raymi. Here takes place the ceremony “Meeting of the times and ceremony of the coca leaf”, where the Inca and his retinue gather in the great USHNU or ceremonial stage. This staging is mostly visualized standing up. Duration approx. 1 hour.
Sacsayhuaman Esplanade. – It is the third epicenter of the Inti Raymi and the central ceremony. You will be able to see the performance of the rite of the CHICHA, the millenary drink of the Incas and also the symbolic sacrifice of a llama. Duration approx. 2 hours.
After the tour ends at approximately 5:00 PM.

Note: – To attend the INTI RAYMI, the Municipal Company of Festivities, Tourist and Recreational Activities EMUFEC, offers the necessary services: Tribunes in qoricancha and Saqsaywaman.
The second staging is free of charge-keep in mind that is why there will be a large number of spectators of this great festival.




What does it include?

  • Tourist transportation
  • Bilingual guide (Spanish / English) in group.
  • Box at Qoricancha
  •  Entrance ticket to the grandstand of your choice.
  • Assistant guide.
  •  Refreshments or cold lunch.


Not included

  • Extra drinks.

What To Bring

What to bring?

  • Bring original passport “With expiration date not less than 7 months”.
  • Drink plenty of fluids during your excursions.
  • Raincoat (long poncho) in rainy season.
  • Sunscreen, wide-brimmed hat for sunny days.
  • Binoculars.
  • Sunglasses, plastic bags.
  • Medicine and/or personal items (liquid for contact lenses).
  • Camera.
  • Have on hand checks and coins in small denominations soles or dollars.


1.What is the duration of the tour?

The excellent Inti Raymi package offered by PERU ADVENTURE TREK starts a little before 8:00 am and lasts until 3:30 pm. We will provide your lunch (box lunch).

2. What is the cost of the entrance fees and are they included?

The majestic Inti Raymi takes place in three historical locations in the city of Cusco: the temple of Koricancha, the Plaza de Armas and finally the enormous fortress of Sacsayhuaman. Entrance fees to all three locations are included in the cost of the package, and our agency will purchase them for you.

3. What will I be able to see in this ceremony?

The ritual takes place according to the way it was done in Inca times. In the Koricancha, professional and experienced actors recreate the pomp and authority of the Inca nobility, with their leaders and priests. The emperor or Inca announces the beginning of the ritual, which was attended by notables from all regions of the Empire, to the sound of typical music.

Then, the ceremony moves to the Plaza de Armas, formerly called Auqaypata (Plaza del Guerrero) where the Inca and his main priests pay homage to the Sun God, a reading of coca leaves is performed (traditional Andean belief where they ask about the future).

Finally, the Inca is taken in a litter to the fortress of Sacsayhuaman, where he continues to preside over the ceremony. The actors wear beautiful traditional costumes, parade and develop their choreography to the rhythm of Andean music with drums and chants. In Sacsayhuaman, the llama sacrifice is performed, since it was believed that the meat and blood of this camelid was sacred and possessed magical powers (obviously nowadays this ritual is simulated only with llama fur). In addition, the whole liturgy is developed in honor of the Sun God, praying for a new cycle of prosperity, especially for the agricultural activity.

4. Do I need any documents to enter?

In the Cusco region it is always necessary to register with an identity document. You can do it with your passport or official identity card, depending on whether you are a citizen of a Spanish-speaking country. You can ask the Peruvian embassy or consulate in your country.

5. Is the ceremony performed in Quechua?

Yes, the speeches of the Inca priests are said in Quechua, the official language of the Inca Empire. We offer you a professional and experienced guide who will explain at all times the entirety of what is happening in the ceremony. He is fully qualified to answer any questions you may have.

6. Is it allowed to take pictures, filming?

Yes, it is allowed, as long as it is for tourism purposes. If it is a commercial project either for photography or filming, special permission from the authorities is required.

7. What should I bring for the Inti Raymi?

An important and necessary question. First of all, don’t worry about any rain, June is dry season. You will need the following:

  • Sun hat (for possible sun glare and there is always wind).
  • Dark glasses
  • Winter clothes, resistant
  • Sneakers (mandatory for your comfort)
  • A small backpack (take bottled water, if you wish mate de coca -it will help you as an energizer-, snacks such as
  • cookies, chocolates, fruit. Camera. Small plastic bags for waste).

8. How will we travel?

Our Inti Raymi package includes all transfers between the ceremony sites and at the end we will drop you off at your hotel.

The spectacular Inti Raymi package can be the perfect addition to one of our Inca Trail, Machu Picchu classic tour, Lake Titicaca among others. Consult any additional questions with our tour operators.

The Inti Raymi and much more await you for an unforgettable vacation in Peru!

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Inti Raymi 2024 Full Day
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Inti Raymi 2024 Full Day

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