7 parties you shouldn’t miss Cusco – Peru

Cusco is a mystical place full of charm and a lot of history, it is definitely a place that you can not miss. But, apart from its wonderful tourist attractions, you can also enjoy its traditional festivals, in which you can not only appreciate the culture, but you can also enjoy and have fun like never before. Do you want to know a little more about the most famous parties in Cusco? Stay tuned for the following article, because we will tell you all the details you should know about 7 Cusco parties that you should not miss.


This party is usually held in February (or early March) throughout Cusco and Peru. It is characterized because on Sunday, all the neighbors play to throw water and talc, in addition, the traditional dance of the “yunza” is performed, which consists of dancing around the tree, then drop it and collect the gifts that are They had placed in it.

Corpus Christi

It is the most important religious holiday in Cusco, it is celebrated one day Thursday at the beginning of June or during the last days of May. This holiday consists in bringing in procession the fifteen principal saints and virgins. The party ends with a celebration, plenty of food, a party atmosphere and lots of music.

Inti Raymi

This holiday is held every June 24 during the beginning of the winter solstice. The Inti Raymi is one of the most famous festivities in the city. The purpose is to represent the Inca tradition through rites, dances and typical food. Currently, this party is held in the fortress of Sacsayhuamán .


Although it is a world-famous party, in Cusco, this celebration acquires a more traditional look and consists of different celebrations that allow you to feel the magic of Christmas. This celebration begins on December 24 with the tribute to the Manuelito child, the next day, December 25, families gather to taste and share the delicious flavors of the cusqueños potajes.

New Year

As in other parts of the world, Cusco celebrates the arrival of a new year with great emotion and joy. In addition, they start the year with various cabals to make sure they have a successful new year. One of the best known caballas is the anti-clockwise tour around the Plaza de Armas.

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